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Wall-mounted Plastic Manual Single-head Soap Dispenser Hand Liquid Shampoo Shower Gel Dispenser Bathroom Kitchen Soap Box

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Package Included:
1PC x Soap Dispenser
Shell color: The product color is high-grade bright silver and clean white (upgrade for hotels)
◆ Material: ABS engineering plastic
◆ Capacity: 350 ml
◆ Size: 19x8cm/7.5x3in
◆ Uses: It is used for installation in bathrooms and shower rooms of hotels, guesthouses, and homes, and can be used for liquids such as hand sanitizer, shower gel, shampoo, and detergent.
1. ABS material, durable and beautiful appearance.
2. The installation is simple, can be placed, hung up or pasted, without space restrictions.
3. Special manual pressing type extrusion liquid can be used for detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, hand soap and so on.
◆ Installation method: 
It can be fixed on the wall with screws or glass. This can save valuable limited space and keep other countertops clean. Customers who do not want to use screws can also purchase strong double-sided adhesive.
◆ How to use: 
The button is wide. Press it lightly with your hand, and the liquid flows out of the hole. It is easy to squeeze by air. It can only come out when you press it, so there is no leakage problem caused by thinness.