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Replacement Corny Kegerator Conversion Kits (Soda Keg) Lid Cornelius Homebrew Stainless US US

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Replacement Corny Keg (Soda Keg) Lid Cornelius Homebrew Stainless  US US

-This universal replacement lid for soda kegs (corny kegs) is completely new--not refurbished.
-It fits all ball-lock and pin-lock soda kegs that require the standard oval lid.(does not fit "racetrack" style kegs).
-It has a replaceable pressure relief valve and includes the NEW rubber O-ring.
-Replace your old bent, dented, or leaking lids
-Material: 316 stainless steel
-Type: new oval keg lid with O-ring



Package included:

1*keg lid (indluding a pressure relief valve and a lid O-ring