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LED Pet Dog Collar

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Want to keep your dog safe at all times?

🐶Check out this awesome light-up LED dog collar!🐶

With this on, you don't have to worry about your pet getting into an accident, or lost in the dark during that late night stroll. Plus it looks lit!

  • The collar keeps your pet dog, cat, or any other four-legged companion safe during night walks.
  • It can withstand rain, but it's not recommended to let your pet swim with it on.
  • Long-lasting LED batteries give you up to 80 hours of use.
  • Several light-patterns: Solid Light, Fash Blink, Slow Blink.


  • Four sizes:

S:  Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)          length  35~43CM(13.8~16.9Inch)

M: Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)          length  40~48CM(15.7~16.9Inch)

L:  Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)        length  45~52CM(17.7~20.5Inch)

XL:Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)        length  52~60CM(20.5~23.6Inch)

  • Colors available: Red,orange,yellow,blue,pink,green,white.

Important: Please pull out the insulating film before trying to light up the collar for the first time.