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HOCO W100 Gaming Headset 3.5mm Jax & USB Wired Headphone with Omnidirectional Microphone for iPad for PS4 PC Laptop Tablet Phones (Black)

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◆ W100 Touring gaming wired headphones with omnidirectional microphone separate plugs 3.5mm for headphones
◆ USB plug for LED lights cable 2.4m with 5 colors breathing light
◆ Built-in sound-proof sponse for more focused games


1. Speaker: 50mm
2. Interface: separate plugs 3.5mm for headphones / 3.5mm for mic / USB plug for LED lights. Cable length: 2.4m
3. Microphone: omnidirectional microphone. Microphone size: Φ6.0 * 5.2mm
4. Sizes: 210 * 180 * 100mm. Weight: 371g
5. Light effect: 5-colors breathing light

Package Contents:

1 * HOCO W100 Gaming Headset
1 * User Manual
1 * Packing Box